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We are excited to share our presentation of Cabral’s district scale Cuiú Cuiú gold project in northern Brazil.
We started our process by recreating their powerpoint to help guide us through the process

Selected a color palette, downloaded a global digital elevation model, overlayed South American country borders added style and emphasis on project area.

Here we re imagined the disclaimer page to be another level of locator map.

Again using the Corporate Summary page to get us further related to where the project is located.

On this district locator we are looking at an elevation model with drainages, transportation, communities and infrastructure under current mineral titles thematic  by owner.

Simple access map showing footprint of historic surficial gold production.

Cool photo, solid highlights – basic layout.

Traced a cross section, colored it, related it to reality.

Thematic gold in soils relative to cover sediments indicates the cover is impacting the low Au results.

Created a gridded surface from the 4000+ soil samples and then used thresholds to visualize elevated gold intensity over the area, under the known resource body outlines.

Self explanatory

High gold in rocks over first vertical derivative magnetics interpretation indicating east west trending mineralized structures host Cabral’s deposits.