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Kore came to us with a new project in southern British Columbia which had an existing Gold resource. A significant amount of completed historic work had been reported, though data was not represented in a GIS database.

Step 1 was to summarize 36 historic assessment reports from the Fraser Gold Property, in Southern BC. A total of 12,500 data points were digitized and georeferenced.

The historic reports were digitized and georeferenced with specific emphasis on examining geology and geochemistry of gold, silver, copper and arsenic.

The pertinent information was summarized and displayed in large format geochemical compilation maps.

Step 2 for Fraser Gold was to aid Kore Mining in establishing a 2018 work program. Using information verified by multiple historic reports, we established anomalous regions for gold, silver, copper, and zinc.

From geology compilations and the established anomalous zones, Kore Mining developed a theorized copper-porphyry system which they are currently drill testing (results pending).

The final step for Kore Mining’s Fraser Gold Property was to develop materials for internal and public presentation. We developed visually appealing compilation maps emphasizing high value soil, rock and stream geochemistry results.

Through working with Kore’s geologists, we advanced our geological understanding and look forward to continuing our work with the Fraser Gold property.